class cirq.HGate[source]

180 degree rotation around the X+Z axis of the Bloch sphere.


Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


default_decompose(qubits) Yields operations for performing this gate on the given qubits.
inverse() Returns a gate with an exactly opposite effect.
known_qasm_output(qubits, …], args) Returns lines of QASM output representing the gate on the given qubits or None if a simple conversion is not possible.
matrix() See base class.
on(*qubits) Returns an application of this gate to the given qubits.
on_each(targets) Returns a list of operations apply this gate to each of the targets.
text_diagram_info(args) Describes how to draw something in a text diagram.
validate_args(qubits) Checks if this gate can be applied to the given qubits.