QuantumFourierTransformGate.controlled(num_controls: int = None, control_values: Optional[Sequence[Union[int, Collection[int]]]] = None, control_qid_shape: Optional[Tuple[int, …]] = None) → cirq.ops.raw_types.Gate
Returns a controlled version of this gate. If no arguments are
specified, defaults to a single qubit control.
num_controls: Total number of control qubits.
control_values: For which control qubit values to apply the sub
gate. A sequence of length num_controls where each
entry is an integer (or set of integers) corresponding to the
qubit value (or set of possible values) where that control is
enabled. When all controls are enabled, the sub gate is
applied. If unspecified, control values default to 1.
control_qid_shape: The qid shape of the controls. A tuple of the
expected dimension of each control qid. Defaults to
(2,) * num_controls. Specify this argument when using qudits.