class cirq.TwoQubitMatrixGate(matrix: numpy.ndarray)[source]

A 2-qubit gate defined only by its matrix.

More general than specialized classes like CZPowGate, but more expensive
and more float-error sensitive to work with (due to using
__init__(matrix: numpy.ndarray) → None[source]

Initializes the 2-qubit matrix gate.

Parameters:matrix – The matrix that defines the gate.


controlled_by(*control_qubits) Returns a controlled version of this gate.
num_qubits() The number of qubits this gate acts on.
on(*qubits) Returns an application of this gate to the given qubits.
validate_args(qubits) Checks if this gate can be applied to the given qubits.
wrap_in_linear_combination(coefficient, …)