class cirq.CliffordSimulator(seed: Optional[Any] = None)[source]

An efficient simulator for Clifford circuits.

__init__(seed: Optional[Any] = None)[source]

Creates instance of CliffordSimulator.


seed – The random seed to use for this simulator.



Checks whether given operation can be simulated by this simulator.

run(program[, param_resolver, repetitions])

Samples from the given Circuit.

run_async(program, *, repetitions)

Asynchronously samples from the given Circuit.

run_sweep(program, params[, repetitions])

Runs the supplied Circuit, mimicking quantum hardware.

run_sweep_async(program, params[, repetitions])

Asynchronously sweeps and samples from the given Circuit.

sample(program, *[, repetitions, params])

Samples the given Circuit, producing a pandas data frame.

simulate(program[, param_resolver, …])

Simulates the supplied Circuit.

simulate_moment_steps(circuit[, …])

Returns an iterator of StepResults for each moment simulated.

simulate_sweep(program, params[, …])

Simulates the supplied Circuit.