cirq.QFT(*qubits: cirq.ops.raw_types.Qid, without_reverse: bool = False, inverse: bool = False) → cirq.ops.raw_types.Operation[source]

The quantum Fourier transform.

Transforms a qubit register from the computational basis to the frequency
The inverse quantum Fourier transform is cirq.QFT(*qubits)**-1 or
equivalently cirq.inverse(cirq.QFT(*qubits)).
  • qubits – The qubits to apply the QFT to.

  • without_reverse – When set, swap gates at the end of the QFT are omitted. This reverses the qubit order relative to the standard QFT effect, but makes the gate cheaper to apply.

  • inverse – If set, the inverse QFT is performed instead of the QFT. Equivalent to calling cirq.inverse on the result, or raising it to the -1.


A cirq.Operation applying the QFT to the given qubits.