class cirq.Qid[source]

Identifies a quantum object such as a qubit, qudit, resonator, etc.

Child classes represent specific types of objects, such as a qubit at a
particular location on a chip or a qubit with a particular name.
The main criteria that a custom qid must satisfy is comparability. Child
classes meet this criteria by implementing the _comparison_key method. For
example, cirq.LineQubit’s _comparison_key method returns self.x. This
ensures that line qubits with the same x are equal, and that line qubits
will be sorted ascending by x. Qid implements all equality,
comparison, and hashing methods via _comparison_key.

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.



Raises an exception if dimension is not positive.


Returns a new qid with a different dimension.



Returns the dimension or the number of quantum levels this qid has.