class cirq.Sweep[source]

A sweep is an iterator over ParamResolvers.

A ParamResolver assigns values to Symbols. For sweeps, each ParamResolver
must specify the same Symbols that are assigned. So a sweep is a way to
iterate over a set of different values for a fixed set of Symbols. This is
useful for a circuit, where there are a fixed set of Symbols, and you want
to iterate over an assignment of all values to all symbols.
For example, a sweep can explicitly assign a set of equally spaced points
between two endpoints using a Linspace,
sweep = Linspace(“angle”, start=0.0, end=2.0, length=10)
This can then be used with a circuit that has an ‘angle’ sympy.Symbol to
run simulations multiple simulations, one for each of the values in the
result = simulator.run_sweep(program=circuit, params=sweep)
Sweeps support Cartesian and Zip products using the ‘*’ and ‘+’ operators,
see the Product and Zip documentation.

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.



An iterator over (key, value) pairs assigning Symbol key to value.



The keys for the all of the sympy.Symbols that are resolved.