cirq.estimate_single_qubit_readout_errors(sampler: cirq.Sampler, *, qubits: Iterable[cirq.Qid], repetitions: int = 1000) → cirq.experiments.single_qubit_readout_calibration.SingleQubitReadoutCalibrationResult[source]

Estimate single-qubit readout error.

For each qubit, prepare the |0⟩ state and measure. Calculate how often a 1
is measured. Also, prepare the |1⟩ state and calculate how often a 0 is
measured. The state preparations and measurements are done in parallel,
i.e., for the first experiment, we actually prepare every qubit in the |0⟩
state and measure them simultaneously.
  • sampler – The quantum engine or simulator to run the circuits.

  • qubits – The qubits being tested.

  • repetitions – The number of measurement repetitions to perform.


A SingleQubitReadoutCalibrationResult storing the readout error probabilities as well as the number of repetitions used to estimate the probabilties. Also stores a timestamp indicating the time when data was finished being collected from the sampler.