cirq.experiments.get_state_tomography_data(sampler: cirq.Sampler, qubits: Sequence[cirq.Qid], circuit: cirq.Circuit, rot_circuit: cirq.Circuit, rot_sweep: cirq.Sweep, repetitions: int = 1000) → numpy.ndarray[source]

Gets the data for each rotation string added to the circuit.

For each sequence in prerotation_sequences gets the probability of all
2n bit strings. Resulting matrix will have dimensions (len(rot_sweep)n, 2**n).
This is a default way to get data that can be replaced by the user if they
have a more advanced protocol in mind.
  • sampler – Sampler to collect the data from.

  • qubits – Qubits to do the tomography on.

  • circuit – Circuit to do the tomography on.

  • rot_circuit – Circuit with parameterized rotation gates to do before the final measurements.

  • rot_sweep – The list of rotations on the qubits to perform before measurement.

  • repetitions – Number of times to sample each rotation sequence.


2D array of probabilities, where first index is which pre-rotation was applied and second index is the qubit state.