cirq.experiments.t1_decay(sampler:, *, qubit: cirq.devices.grid_qubit.GridQubit, num_points: int, max_delay: cirq.DURATION_LIKE, min_delay: cirq.DURATION_LIKE = None, repetitions: int = 1000)cirq.experiments.T1DecayResult[source]

Runs a t1 decay experiment.

Initializes a qubit into the |1⟩ state, waits for a variable amount of time,
and measures the qubit. Plots how often the |1⟩ state is observed for each
amount of waiting.
  • sampler – The quantum engine or simulator to run the circuits.

  • qubit – The qubit under test.

  • num_points – The number of evenly spaced delays to test.

  • max_delay – The largest delay to test.

  • min_delay – The smallest delay to test. Defaults to no delay.

  • repetitions – The number of repetitions of the circuit for each delay.


A T1DecayResult object that stores and can plot the data.