A convenience wrapper for calibrations that acts like a dictionary.

Calibrations act as dictionaries whose keys are the names of the metric,
and whose values are the metric values. The metric values themselves are
represented as a dictionary. These metric value dictionaries have
keys that are tuples of cirq.GridQubits and values that are lists of the
metric values for those qubits. If a metric acts globally and is attached
to no specified number of qubits, the map will be from the empty tuple
to the metrics values.
Calibrations act just like a python dictionary. For example you can get
a list of all of the metric names using

and query a single value by looking up the name by index:

The time that this calibration was run, in milliseconds since
the epoch.
__init__(calibration: → None[source]

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.




Return a heatmap for metrics that target single qubits.



timestamp_str([tz, timespec])

Return a string for the calibration timestamp.