cirq.sample(program: cirq.Circuit, *, noise: cirq.NOISE_MODEL_LIKE = None, param_resolver: Optional[] = None, repetitions: int = 1, dtype: Type[numpy.number] = <class 'numpy.complex64'>, seed: cirq.RANDOM_STATE_OR_SEED_LIKE = None) →[source]

Simulates sampling from the given circuit.

  • program – The circuit to sample from.

  • noise – Noise model to use while running the simulation.

  • param_resolver – Parameters to run with the program.

  • repetitions – The number of samples to take.

  • dtype – The numpy.dtype used by the simulation. Typically one of numpy.complex64 or numpy.complex128. Favors speed over precision by default, i.e. uses numpy.complex64.

  • seed – The random seed to use for this simulator.