cirq.single_qubit_matrix_to_phxz(mat: numpy.ndarray, atol: float = 0) → Optional[cirq.ops.phased_x_z_gate.PhasedXZGate][source]

Implements a single-qubit operation with a PhasedXZ gate.

Under the hood, this uses deconstruct_single_qubit_matrix_into_angles which
converts the given matrix to a series of three rotations around the Z, Y, Z
axes. This is then converted to a phased X rotation followed by a Z, in the
form of a single PhasedXZ gate.
  • mat – The 2x2 unitary matrix of the operation to implement.

  • atol – A limit on the amount of error introduced by the construction.


A PhasedXZ gate that implements the given matrix, or None if it is close to identity (trace distance <= atol).