cirq.testing.random_circuit(qubits: Union[Sequence[cirq.ops.raw_types.Qid], int], n_moments: int, op_density: float, gate_domain: Optional[Dict[cirq.ops.raw_types.Gate, int]] = None) → cirq.circuits.circuit.Circuit[source]

Generates a random circuit.

  • qubits – the qubits that the circuit acts on. Because the qubits on which an operation acts are chosen randomly, not all given qubits may be acted upon.
  • n_moments – the number of moments in the generated circuit.
  • op_density – the expected proportion of qubits that are acted on in any moment.
  • gate_domain – The set of gates to choose from, with a specified arity.

ValueError – * op_density is not in (0, 1). * gate_domain is empty. * qubits is an int less than 1 or an empty sequence.


The randomly generated Circuit.